The Future of Whiteboards: Simple Solutions for Complex Project Management


We believe in simplicity: eliminate the unnecessary features to focus on what’s important to our customers.

Deliver value in simple and easy-to-use solution.

Our project management and whiteboarding software gives teams the power to plan, build, and engage — so they get things done, no matter the industry, department, or time zone.

Bells and whistles are great on some things, but when it comes to managing complex projects, the solution must be seamless. Take the construction industry, for example. Contractors want digital solutions that are easy to use and adopt. We all want intuitive solutions.

This is especially true when it comes to Lean practices where all the trades are using the software, such as Pull Planning. A complicated interface with multiple options may not be the right choice in this case. That’s why we prioritize simplicity as we develop our Adaptive Workspaces. We combine robust project management software with infinite whiteboarding — the next generation of online whiteboards.

Workspaces That Adapt to Your Needs

Traditional online whiteboards have become a great collaboration solution but fall short when it comes to complex project management. Our Adaptive Workspaces combine robust project management software with infinite whiteboarding to take the complexity out of complex projects.

This is the future of online whiteboarding. It’s more than your average collaboration tool because our Adaptive Workspaces adjust to whatever way you work. We have modules and templates for Pull Planning, PI Planning, SAFe®, Lean, Kanban, Brainstorming, Retrospectives, Value Propositions, SWOT Analysis, Supply Chain, and more.

The modules and templates, in combination with our integrations, have proven value to businesses that work with complex projects. It’s simplicity from end to end:

  • Deployment: Manage work quickly and easily on a public or private cloud
  • Access: Collaborate on workspaces from anywhere, on any device
  • Permissions: Share anything with anyone, while controlling exactly who sees what
  • Reporting: Know where every project stands in real-time and the reasons why

Intuitive Solutions for Everyone

No matter how big or complex the project, our Adaptive Workspaces have room for every task, activity — and way more. Across all industries, including:

  • Hoylu for Construction: Online whiteboards and digital Pull Planning tools are usually separate solutions. But we’ve taken it a step further to combine the two. This gives the industry their project details in one place. Our efforts have focused on Lean Construction Methods, including using the Last Planner System® and collaboration technology for Pull Planning success.
  • Hoylu for Agile: Create an engaging digital work environment with our Agile Planning software. We help the IT industry get things done more effectively, release more features in less time, and stay on budget. Hoylu is SAFe® compliant, integrates with Agility & Jira, offers PI Planning templates, and helps to eliminate duplicate work.
  • Hoylu for Everyone: Online whiteboards are a great solution to increase collaboration, but Adaptive Workspaces take innovation to the next level. Our solutions help manage tasks, organize documents, facilitate brainstorming, and can be accessed by all team members in real time.

Let simplicity speak for itself. See for yourself: Contact us for a demo today.

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