Project Modules
& Infinite Workspaces

by Hoylu

More than your average collaboration tool, Hoylu’s project modules and infinite workspaces adapt to whatever way you work. We have modules and templates for Pull Planning, Kanban, PI Planning, Brainstorming, Retrospective, Value Propositions, SWOT Analysis, Supply Chain, and more.

Project Modules

Project modules are specialized Hoylu Workspaces that have built-in business logic to facilitate particular processes. Modules have structured, dynamic layouts with tool sets specific to the process at hand. We currently offer Pull Planning, PI Planning, and Kanban  and more are on the way!

Infinite Workspaces

Infinite Workspaces are completely free-form yet easy to structure. Build out layouts effortlessly with drag and drop templates, such as agendas, check-in activities, retrospectives, and icebreakers. These shared virtual workspaces are accessible from any device so working in real-time with your team is easy.

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The Dashboard

Organize your projects and presentations in Hoylu’s Adaptive Workspaces. Keep track of those Workspaces in your personalized Dashboard.

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The Workspace

An infinite canvas of connected online whiteboards. With over 55,000 pages per workspace, your team can work in one place in real time.

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Build out your Workspace in seconds with Hoylu’s drag-and-drop Template Tool. Or, import your own templates to start working your way.