About Us

Experience driven to make work simple, seamless, and hassle free.


Experience driven solutions for the holistic enterprise.


Scalable, digital workspaces available anywhere.


Beautiful, easy to use products to make work fun again.


Open platform to adapt to the way you work today.

Hoylu delivers solutions to allow enterprises to plan, assemble, and evolve with a focus on enriching the user experience.

Hoylu Connected Workspaces delivers a comprehensive set of personalized digital workspaces to enable teams across locations, on any device, to work smarter across major industries including Technology, Education, Construction, Hospitality, Graphic Design, and many more.

Hoylu is headquartered in Sweden as a Public Company. Hoylu has offices throughout Europe, North America, and Asia to service thousands of customers every day.

Hoylu Promise

Hoylu promises faster, easier and more intuitive ways of getting business done by accelerating and protecting a company’s knowledge in a secure and reliable way.

Hoylu’s products are easy to learn and rewarding to work with, bringing teams and companies together to offer a higher quality of work life.