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Hoylu give teams the power to plan, build, and engage. Equip them with a tool that combines infinite workspaces with powerful project management capability. 

See all the ways we can help you simplify your complex projects. 

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Regardless of your industry, you prioritize efficiency and productivity. This extends to your choice of tools that streamline your work processes. Discover how Hoylu empowers professionals like you!

“Hoylu is leveling the playing field, giving everyone the same experience. I don't see us ever going back to stickies on the wall. That would be taking a major leap backward from already taking this huge step forward.”

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Mind Mapping  Voting  Group Exercises  Weekly Planning  Cadence Meetings  Progress Tracking  Feedback Gathering  Presentations  Retrospectives  Business Models Value Propositions    SWOT Analysis  Pull Planning  PI Planning  Kanban Boards

Use Case

A major energy and petrochemical company cut meeting time and increased engagement using Hoylu.


The company uses advanced technologies and takes an innovative approach to help build a sustainable energy future — but felt limited when it came to digital facilitation and tools.


The organization relied on in-person weekly meetings for accountability and reviewing goals. They wanted to digitalize and streamline work processes. They got rid of their analog whiteboards in meeting rooms and investigated digital solutions. 


Online whiteboards were a great collaboration solution but fell short when it came to the complex management of remote meetings. Hoylu introduced the Adaptive Workspace, opening a new way for the team to plan, manage, and conduct remote meetings.

The Results


increase in quality and efficiency over 8 weeks

working with Hoylu

Cadence meetings were reduced in length

Remote users were better aligned

Brainstorming & creativity increased

Engagement grew across the entire team

Remote users felt included, not “just listening in”

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