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Hoylu for Microsoft Teams

Seamless connectivity into the Microsoft Teams ecosystem.

Hoylu workspaces can be integrated seamlessly into Microsoft Teams Tabs and Channels that allows for Hoylu to function side-by-side with chats, video calls, shared files and other third-party integrations.

Close integration into Microsoft software and services.

Users can utilize Office365 credentials to login and connect to Hoylu workspaces, import content from OneDrive, or Office365 native applications and share workspaces and links through Outlook.

Powerful modules that provide specialized workflows and processes.

Hoylu modules transform the workspace using rules, templates and functions that precisely fit the workflow or process and expand existing Team workspaces by utilizing the same business logic and functionality.

Legacy Tools

Hoylu Connected Workspaces™ application displayed on Windows desktop


System Requirements:
Windows 10 (Recommended), 25GB Storage, 8GB Ram

Mac | iOS | Android

For instant access, use Hoylu on any web browser. Use across all your devices including Mac, iOS, Android, and Chromebook!