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Hoylu Connected Workspaces™ application displayed on pen-enabled smartphone
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"I enjoy working at a company where I'm not tied to any single technology stack. I can use the best solution for the problem that I'm trying to solve. I get to work with bright, creative people who really care about having a great user experience. At Hoylu, I don’t have daily internal competition – I have collaboration."

Suzanne Hansen

Program Manager
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"I really enjoy the variety of technical challenges that I get to work on every day. There is a great culture of continuous learning and everyone is invested in the success of the product."

Josh Keating

Software Engineer
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"I like working at a company where I can have a big impact. Working at a startup gives me exactly that. In addition we have an excellent product that’s ahead of our competition. Finally our company culture aligns well with my personal beliefs and working style."

Leszek Mazur

Lead Engineer

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