Tips for Online Brainstorming in Hoylu

It’s easier for two people to solve a problem, than one person to solve it alone. Brainstorming provides diverse perspectives, helps avoid biases, stimulates critical thinking, and encourages teamwork.

Online brainstorming is a great way to come up with new ideas and find resolutions to problems. The benefit of using online brainstorming is the flexibility. Anyone on your team can participate regardless of location.

Teams use utilize technology to simulate the available tools that are available during an in-person brainstorming session. These could be things such as an online whiteboard, video conferencing, or file-sharing applications

In Hoylu’s Adaptive Workspaces, you can brainstorm, workshop, problem solve, mind map, and more.

Here are a few ways to brainstorm with Hoylu:


1. Identify the Problem Your Team is Facing

Outline the issue you’ll tackle during the brainstorming session. This will typically be a clear and short question. Leave enough room for exploration into various aspects of the question without being too broad.



2. Determine Who Needs to Be Involved

Make a list of people who have a stake in the answer to the problem — and you might want to include some who are not directly impacted for varying opinions. Try not to include too many people that the invitation list becomes extensive.



3. Decide How the Ideas Are Going to be Discussed & Compiled

Establish how the brainstorming session will lead into the next stage of the process. For instance, participants could vote on the top three ideas that were discussed. You could then take those ideas to a smaller group to further narrow the process.


4. Define the Brainstorming Technique

Consider the personalities of the people attending the brainstorming session; set a definite goal for what you want to accomplish during the session; and communicate with the team who will be participating. This way, everyone in the session is on the same page and is mentally prepared to engage in the way that is expected of them.



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