Looking for Agile and team project management software?

Searching for intuitive Agile project management software? Our Agile offerings — PI Planning, Scrum, Kanban, Dependency Mapping, Retrospectives — are combined with online whiteboarding and task management. Easily visualize and collaborate on any issue, task, or bug. Our Adaptive Workspaces foster teamwork and spur innovation — no matter the project complexity.

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agile Project Management

Collaborate more effectively

Create an engaging digital environment for teamwork with our Agile planning software. Get things done more effectively, reach project goals faster, and stay on budget. 

Get a full view of your project — iterations, epics, releases & more

Import Jira & Digital.ai Agility tickets to visualize, plan, manage, and share sprints, product roadmaps, backlogs & other projects

Drive collaboration with PI Planning, Kanban, Dependency Mapping, Retrospectives & more 

Import sketches, mockups, or other documents into your Agile boards

Agile planning
with Hoylu

Agile planning sessions have moved past analog boards, printed cards, and paper sticky notes. With Hoylu, teams can align faster, be more productive, and stay on track across locations and time zones.

Increase agility

Real-time collaboration helps your team reduce time-to-market and improve customer satisfaction.

Optimize rituals & ceremonies

Engage in PI Planning, Kanban, dependency mapping, confidence votes, capacity planning, and other Agile ceremonies.

Strengthen Agile & Lean practices

Keep your teams on track with built-in business logic for Agile, Lean, PI Planning, Kanban, and other project frameworks.

Deepen collaboration & improve performance

Get remote teams engaged in collaboration, ideation, and brainstorming.

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