Bridging the Gap Between Analog & Digital Pull Planning

Are you looking for a more efficient way to plan your large projects or a way to structure and delegate tasks to your team, even though you can’t be in on the same location, working on the company whiteboard together? We have the solution!

Say Goodbye to Analog Sticky Notes

If you have read any “Lean 101” books you may have tried to structure your large projects by using sticky notes. And to all fairness, sticky notes have been one of the most popular ways to structure a project. Until now.

How do you organize your sticky notes long-term? How do you measure efficiency and time management? And what about those projects where it’s ,challenging to get everyone in the same room? With Pull Planning you will save lots of time of organizing, digitalizing and sharing your tasks.

Some people have used digital planning in earlier days, but have gone back to analogue planning because they have felt that the level of interaction dropped significantly.

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“The standard way of scheduling is going to take you more time, as with this you can save months by organizing it more efficiently. Instead of having one person do one task at a time, you’re organizing in a way where you can have ten people do a task by planning it out in the most efficient way.”

– Ryan Kelly, Customer Relations, Hoylu

At the same time, if you have 4,000 tasks in an analog plan, it will be difficult for the whole team to keep themselves updated on the progress of the project, which task rely on which other contractors, how time management will be most efficient and so on. And, imagine how much time goes into transferring your analogue tasks to a digital format for reporting and sharing.

This is where Hoylu comes in.

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We bridge the gap between the analog and digital planning process and make project planning, implementation, and reporting both visual, easy, and structured. We’re making it more efficient with things like online sticky notes. We’re here to help.

Our Pull Planning module helps with the process and can be optimized to your needs for each specific project.

Learn more about our Pull Planning Module 


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