Hoylu Supports Import of Microsoft Office Files

Microsoft has been a leader in business tools for decades. It is no surprise that their renowned software suite of document editing software is aptly and named “Office.” In reality, each of the tools that fall under the “Office” umbrella is a rockstar of their own. 

Hoylu supports the direct import of native Microsoft Office files. This brings your distributed files together into one workspace for visual collaborating.

Microsoft Word gives users the freedom to compose and edit documents (we miss you, Clippy), while Microsoft Powerpoint gives users powerful tools to design presentations. As applications become more powerful and chiseled to their specific focus, we find ourselves branching out and working in separate programs with an increasing amount of file types – leaving teams frustrated with file management and even app management.

Our solution brings your distributed files together into one workspace for visual collaborating and whiteboarding. Edit, annotate, and review your Word Doc, your Excel Sheet, and your Powerpoint presentation side-by-side on an expansive canvas.

Importing Microsoft Office Files into Hoylu

Hoylu now supports the direct import of native Microsoft Office files. That means there is no need to export your data to a .pdf to share your documents universally. 

Import your Microsoft files with drag-and-drop functionality or locate the File Import Button at the top-right of your workspace.

The ability to import .doc or .xlsx files is especially useful for quick exports of multiple versions of a document. 

Hoylu strives for a seamless approach to file sharing. We appreciate your dedication to both Hoylu and Microsoft software.


Adding Hoylu to Teams

Hoylu’s relationship with Microsoft inevitably does not end with file importing- We are ecstatic to be available in the Microsoft Teams Store! 

Users can now add Hoylu as a tab as well as pin specific workspaces to their Team’s overview.

Flip through your dashboard, create workspaces, and start collaborating all within the Teams interface – meaning, you’re a click away from your teams’ chat log, your files, and all your other connected apps.

Hoylu and Teams is a match made in heaven for visual collaboration, file, and app management.

Want to learn more about Hoylu and Microsoft Teams?

Check out our Hoylu & Teams Webinar Here

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