Benefits of Moving Beyond Online Whiteboards to Interactive Workspaces

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As times change and the needs of businesses change, there is more need for online spaces to keep companies connected and growing. Online whiteboards have become a great solution and interactive workspaces take collaboration to the next level. With the freedom to allow employees to participate from the comfort of their own home office and the robust toolset to encourage collaboration, workspaces make the difference for businesses who know how to adapt.

At Hoylu, we pride ourselves on providing a quality product that has the user-friendliness necessary to get everyone on board with the expansiveness to cater to businesses from all sorts of industries. Whether you are looking to be able to train your employees more effectively, or you would like to increase engagement and collaboration, Hoylu can help.

Learning Benefits

An online workspace has many benefits, but perhaps the most helpful for an employee is the ability to learn concepts or ideas more effectively. The fact of the matter is that every person learns differently. This means that a meeting where new information is disseminated verbally may not be effective for someone who learns visually. Having an interactive workspace allows for the presenter to display information in various formats. Because there are those who require discussion and further clarification to understand new concepts, the workspace can allow for that too. During a meeting, the presenter can allow attendees to edit the project so that everyone can be on the same page and ask questions when needed.

This is especially important when the meeting divulges new information that employees must retain. Having a workspace allows attendees to make notes about the information presented, so they can reference it later on. Additionally, if the person needs a refresher on the information, they can always play back the meeting and go over everything that was discussed.

Collaborative Benefits

Collaboration is critical to any workspace. It encourages growth and promotes employee engagement. This is almost impossibly difficult to do when a meeting is done over video call because only one person can be presenting at a time. With an online workspace all attendees to a meeting can be engaged in discussion and interacting with the information while it’s being presented.

Collaboration, however, cannot be achieved unless all employees are able to attend. That, too, is where workspaces hold the advantage. Being able to move the meeting online allows for employees outside of the office to take part in the session. If the workplace is run entirely virtually, online whiteboards ensure that employees stay active in conversation. Should one person be unable to attend the meeting, playback of the meeting can be shared for their reference.

Technological Benefits

No matter how wonderful these tools are, they would not be useful to a business if they did not have a commitment to accessibility. Accessibility ensures that all employees, regardless of what device they are performing their work on, are able to join in the collaborative meetings and participate when it is required of them. With online whiteboards, this is possible. Our workspaces are available for Windows and Apple devices. This means that you do not have to be on a computer in order to be a part of the meetings. Employees can access the tool from their tablet or phone and are not limited to being in one space in order to participate. 

More importantly, the use of a workspaces negates the use of other clunky tools to hold collaborative meetings. Without the need to print out hard copies or set up a presentation space, businesses have the freedom to hold meetings at any time and be certain that employees have all the information and tools they need to participate. 

Looking For An Online Collaboration Tool? Contact Us Today

There are many options for interactive whiteboards and workspaces. However, when your business’s growth depends on it, it is critical to select the right one. With ample tools and the ability to customize your account to your needs, Hoylu is your collaborative solution. We make it easy for teams of any size to have open and engaging discussions wherever they may be. Get started with Hoylu for free today!