Hoylu Digital Sticky Notes

Facilitate all the same efforts you would with pen and paper but with the added flexibility, stability, and security of a Digital Online Sticky Note.

Task Delegation

Color Code and Assign Tasks to your team in one place.


Drag and drop sticky notes to your heart’s content.


Get comprehensive feedback from your team.


Go to a vote by adding Emojis to the online sticky notes.


Add Online Sticky Notes in real-time to a Hoylu Workspace with simple drag-and-drop functionality. Get your ideas on the page in as few clicks as possible.


Organize your information or your teams by colors. Your Workspace will be easier to navigate and your teams will have more of a sense of ownership over their contributions. Get started with this very cool feature of online sticky meeting notes.

Sticky Note Voting

Add Emojis to Sticky Notes to get started tallying up votes. Gather live feedback from your session or hold a contest to see who wins the popular vote!

Connections & Dependencies

Arrows can be added between Sticky Notes in order to get started showing connections or dependencies. Sticky Notes are used for simple task management with Kanban Boards as well as for more complex project management found in our Pull Planning Module. 

Resizing Sticky Notes

Resize Sticky Notes in order to create long lists, wide labels, or full page backgrounds. Check out the link below to see a demonstration of how different sizes of Sticky Notes can be utilized in a Hoylu Workspace.

Adding Links to Sticky Notes

Let your Workspace be the central hub of all your collaboration. By adding links to Sticky Notes, you can guide users to join conference calls, download resources, or enter another Hoylu workspace. It will be your mind maps to organize information.