Pull Planning Software

for Construction Development Project Management

Use Hoylu to manage and coordinate activities and projects in one place with the objective to minimize waste of materials, time, and effort in order to generate the maximum amount of value.

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How to Pull Plan in Hoylu

Your first step is to actually take one step backwards from your goal and ask, “What signifies that the goal is completed?”

Defining dependencies helps your team pull the schedule from completion to start.

Task Properties


Variance Reasons

Task Inbox

A Pull Planning Workspace


The "Task Inbox"

The Task Inbox allows users to populate tasks ahead of time in order to speed-up the pull planning session with easy drag-and-drop functionality.



Dependencies can be defined by connecting tasks across the plan. This allows the team to better understand the workflow and logistics of their plan as well as the chain-reaction effect on a plan if the weather prohibits work for a day.

Variance Reasons Illustration


Variance Reasons

In Hoylu, you’re able to track the reasons why a task wasn’t completed. This is called a Variance Reason.

For example, let’s say that the weather delayed your team for the the day. You would mark this task “incomplete”. When Hoylu prompts you for a reason, marking the variance reason as “Weather” will not only document the blocker, but duplicate the task to be re-planned for a sunny day. There is a predefined list of variances in place, but users are able to define their own via the task inbox settings.


The Whiteboard Area

The Pull Planning module is focused to keep your work clear and structured. However, a Hoylu workspace wouldn’t be a Hoylu workspace without a white-boarding area on the canvas! Drop in your branding, your spreadsheet tables, or your architectural drawing as references for your Pull Plan.


Expand Your Schedule View

Plan and view by week. Collapse weeks that have passed to declutter your schedule while still maintaining all the day-to-day information. Get weekly reporting that you can easily export to PDF. 


Planning Ahead

There are a few things to consider before inviting your team to a Pull Planning session.

  • Establish Milestones Ahead of Time
  • Have a Decision Maker on the Call
  • Send out the workspace 1 week ahead of the session to give your team time to populate the Task Inbox.
You can visit our blog to learn more!

What is Pull Planning?

It’s essentially a way of working to reverse-engineer a project. You work backwards on a left-to-right timeline in order to plan and schedule your work more efficiently. Pull planning is part of the Lean construction planning process for the construction industry and it’s helping thousands of people every day on projects all over the world.

We’ve worked very closely with our customers and partners to create a seamless digital Pull Planning software experience in Hoylu. We’ve create this module with a Construction project focus in mind but Pull Planning is an excellent Lean construction exercise for any large-scale project. Learn more by booking a demo today!