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What is Hoylu?

Hoylu delivers solutions to allow enterprises to plan, assemble and evolve with a focus on enriching the user experience. Hoylu Suite delivers a comprehensive set of personalized digital workspaces to enable teams across locations, on any device, to work smarter and with more fun across major industries including Technology, Education, Construction, Hospitality, Media & Entertainment and many more.

Hoylu Connected Workspaces™ allows users to create and share workspaces for free form sketching, drawing, mark-ups and organization of documents, pictures, video-links and other types of content on an infinite canvas. Hoylu Connected Workspaces™ is built to be easy to use and engaging with the objective to enhance productivity and simplify work processes for teams and people across multiple disciplines, while working in the same room or in multiple locations.

Recent News

Hoylu AB (publ)   Bulletin from the extraordinary general meeting in Hoylu AB (publ) 

Bulletin from the extraordinary general meeting in Hoylu AB (publ) PRESS RELEASE Stockholm on October 11, 2019 An Extraordinary General …


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Financial Calendar

Interim Report – Q3 2019

November 22nd, 2019

Stein Revelsby, CEO of Hoylu

Stein Revelsby

Founder and CEO

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