Ways Software Can Simplify Construction Planning

With the advancement of technology, GCs and owners have access to a range of tools to help projects come in on time and within budget. Construction planning software is a tool that can be used to track progress, manage weekly work plans, coordinate with subcontractors, and much more. 

Planning software gives your teams the ability to create a detailed course of action. Stakeholders define and execute tasks required to successfully complete a project, and plan and visualize project execution strategies on connected timelines. 

This tool can foster greater collaboration and communication — tenants of Lean construction. It gives project managers a unified view of every task in the context of the work that was done. Teams are always aware of the most recent progress, eliminating most misalignments. And all work gets done in one central place, eliminating discrepancies.  

What to Look For 

The right planning software can increase the visibility of teams, enhance collaboration, and keep processes lean and simplified. Teams can provide updates instantly so project managers can identify issues, follow up, and pivot faster. 

If you’re looking for construction planning software, insist on one that easily allows the team to:  

⇒ Outline tasks, deliverables, deadlines & milestones 

⇒ Create & manage tasks 

⇒ Provides channels for team members to share media files, communicate & work together 

⇒ Tracks completion of individual tasks as well as overall projects  

The tool you work with should offer secure, flexible tracking, customization, workflows, and automated reminders. Every task and asset related to your project should be visible to your team, managers, stakeholders, and executive sponsors.   

The Solution for You 

Hoylu for Construction offers structure and organization with an easy-to-use interface. We collaborated with construction industry experts to develop a solution that provides analytics to increase project efficiency. Reporting features to reduce costly errors. And seamless integrations that add value.  

Our software supports general construction planning, Lean processes, the Last Planner System️®, Pull Planning, Flow Charts, amd Kanban. It’s more than your average software solution because we visualize and simplify complex projects. Contact us to learn more.  

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