6 Steps to Improve Project Efficiency

Managing a construction project is a complicated job — dealing with complex tasks and multiple moving parts. When you’re in charge, you have to be a skilled communicator, proficient planner, and adept problem solver. You also need the right tools and resources to manage this complexity.  

While the responsibilities are unique to each project, here’s a fun checklist to keep in mind as you plan and execute your projects.

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Establish Tasks

Break your projects into the most relevant and impactful pieces that need to be completed — one step at a time. Outline all components to make it easier for teams to prioritize and delegate tasks. Prioritize tasks and monitor progress.

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Identify Milestones

Take the time to establish milestones that are critical to completing project phases. With all critical parts in order, it’s easy to identify areas that need to be improved or any areas of delay. Once they’re in place, you can plan and prioritize more effectively. 


Set deadlines

Set the duration of each of your planned activities. As each task is completed, those responsible will be able to visualize deadlines on the timeline — eliminating surprises along the way.

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Encourage teamwork

Encourage everyone on the job site to feel essential to the success and completion of the project. This helps them understand the weight of the work that they perform and invest more effort into the job. It will give them pride in their work and a sense of ambition to continue to do better.

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Track progress

Determine how you want to track progress and invest in construction planning software to help. Make sure you get real-time reporting to keep you on track. Also find a solution that offers PPC, task and crew size management, and weekly work plans.



Success stems from getting the right people engaged and collaborating effectively. Your crew works hard to complete projects and maximize value for your stakeholders. Make sure you celebrate and recognize their success.

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