Tips for Recreating Analog Construction Planning

For years sticky notes and whiteboards were the go-to for construction planning. Whiteboards were a great visual representation of projects. Sticky notes were easy to assign tasks and move around the planning board.  
But whiteboard markers run out of ink. And the trailer door flies open, sending sticky notes everywhere.  
Today, many in the construction industry are turning to digital tools to manage the planning.
If you’re thinking about making the switch or interested in upgrading your traditional whiteboard, here are a few tips.

Digital Construction Planning Software Checklist

Look for a solution focused specifically on the construction industry. 

Make sure it has a simple interface that your team and subcontractors will be able to use — and enjoy using.

Find a solution that combines whiteboarding, task management, and planning.

Insist on robust automation, collaboration, and real-time reporting. 

Let it be your single source of truth for all your planning needs. offers a visual way to present, share, maintain, and store all your project details. 

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Create a Project

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