Transforming Virtual PI Planning: Agility & Hoylu

There are many digital PI Planning tools, but only Hoylu integrates with Agility, saving customers time and effort by reducing duplicative work.

This robust integration combines whiteboarding techniques with scaled Agile practices, providing distributed teams with new ways to collaborate and further understand risk and dependencies. Our seamless integration:

  • Saves time and effort by bulk importing Agility information with just a few clicks
  • Reduces duplicate work by automatically pushing updates in both Hoylu and Agility
  • Allows teams to easily visualize and map dependencies
  • Improves collaboration on shared artifacts
  • Helps scale Agile practices across all levels is now a part of our reseller program 

“This new agreement enables both Hoylu and to create more value for the end customers that run Agile processes at scale,” said Hoylu CEO Truls Baklid. “We are now the only PI Planning whiteboarding software to integrate with Agility, which increases collaboration while saving users time and effort with our two-way integration. We’re very excited to have this formal partnership with and look forward to helping our customers on their Agile journeys.”

Derek Holt, General Manager of Intelligent DevOps for added: “To stay competitive, business leaders are driving technology-based innovation at an accelerated rate while also navigating increased remote and hybrid work. Our new partnership with Hoylu brings the power and creativity of “agile-aware” whiteboarding to Agility, today’s leading Enterprise Agile Planning solution. This partnership accelerates our customers’ ability to be more efficient, more collaborative, more innovative, and to ultimately drive more business value from their software investments.”

The partnership provides an accurate view of PI Planning as it happens and can reveal opportunities to improve to drive immediate business impact. 

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