Hoylu +
Digital.ai Agility

Hoylu has partnered with Digital.ai Agility to bring your Agile experiences to a new level. Through our seamless integration with Digital.ai Agility, organizations can drive collaboration by leveraging Hoylu Agile Project Management Modules, along with our whiteboard-based collaboration tools, to engage every stakeholder in PI Planning, Dependency Mapping, Confidence Votes, Capacity Planning, and other Agile ceremonies. 

Seamless Integration

Innovate with real-time collaboration

Foster teamwork and spur innovation – no matter the project complexity or teams location around the world.

Increase Transparency & Communication

Replicate the large-room experience to allow all relevant work in one space. Ability to see all relevant work in context to build a better understanding of the work across teams.

Prioritize with Efficiency

Outline all components to make it easier for teams to prioritize and delegate tasks.

Foster Creativity

Visualize dependencies across teams and ARTs in an unlimited format for ideation and non-linear work.


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