We believe in simplicity: eliminate the unnecessary features to focus on what’s important to our customers. Our project management and whiteboarding software gives teams the power to plan, visualize, and engage — so they get things done, no matter the industry, department, or time zone. We combine whiteboarding, task management, and planning in a single, collaborative software solution.

Over the past 12 months, our goal has been to deliver value in a simple and easy-to-use solution. As 2022 comes to a close, we would like to share some of the highlights. The list of accomplishments is long, so in addition our 12 Days of Christmas recap (scroll down), we talked to members of our team about their high points. 

"What a difference a year makes! Hoylu for Construction was a solid product when we debuted it at the LCI Congress last year — and we've made it even better this year. I’m proud of our team who made a commitment in 2022 to enhance the product based on customer feedback and market trends. I was thrilled to see this in action with Walbridge, an ENR Top 50 U.S. construction company, when they presented at LCI Congress this year on the success they're experiencing using Hoylu."
Zach Hurvitz
SVP of Sales & CS | Hoylu
“A big highlight for me was the opportunity to refresh Hoylu’s branding to better reflect our current focus and market position. Working with our internal team and the external partners at Atreo on such an impactful project was incredibly challenging and extremely rewarding. It’s not every day you get to reset the entire foundation from which your branding evolves. This isn’t just a highlight for 2022, but for my career.”
Scott Gaydos
VP of Marketing | Hoylu
"We take information security management seriously here at Hoylu and I'm proud we achieved the ISO 27001 certification. Our team worked diligently thought the rigorous audit. This is a best-practice approach that helps us manage our information security and provides additional assurances to customers evaluating our security practices."
Thomas Seifried
VP of Engineering | Hoylu



The way everyone works has certainly changed in the last two years. We’ve become more and more distributed, creating new challenges in communication and collaboration. Marketplace competition remains high, requiring new strategies and practices.  

In response to these changes, a new CEO was named at Hoylu. Truls Baklid set a strong course for us as we set out to simplify complex projects.  


New Integrations & Partnership

Hoylu supports imports from multiple JIRA instances and is the only PI Planning tool to seamlessly integrate with Digital.ai Agility.  

We also announced that Digital.ai joined our official reseller program, enabling more users than ever to unlock the power of whiteboard-based collaboration with a visual and iterative approach for better agile planning.   



Many of our clients have Workspaces with hundreds of pages. Our new Bookmark feature allows you to easily bookmark a page and navigate to it via Overview Mode. 


CSV & P6 Imports

We’ve made improvements to our CSV import/export processes and worked hard to align with P6 scheduling software. Watch this video to learn more.  


Connections 2.0  

We launched dynamic connection styles and dependency features for our interactive sticky notes. Check out this video to see how they work.  


Customer Success

Our success and support teams make sure your organization gets maximum value from our software. We also invested in Pendo, an in-app training and onboarding function, to provide a better user experience.


Weekly Work Plan 

Easily pull up your 4-week look ahead and manage your crew sizes with the click of a button.  


 New Workspace Templates 

We added new templates to our workspaces for Agile, Lean, Construction, Brainstorming, Ideation, Strategy, and Planning. More templates are on the way for 2023. 


Complex Projects. Simplified. 

This year we launched a new look and feel to our website, logo, UX, and tagline.  

After Using Hoylu, I don't see how we could ever go back to using sticky notes again.

Benjamin Quintin


Hoylu has been a helpful tool for us in bringing together our trades to spark coordination discussions

Nathan St. Clair

W.E. O'Neil

The pre-work helps steer the pull planning session conversations towards the right direction with transparency and allows rom for negotiations.

Pallavi Mittal


Betonmast uses Hoylu Pull Planning on the construction of Hovseter school in Oslo, Norway

Herda Totalentreprenør Builds Student Housing Blocks at Ullandhaug, Norway


Simplicity Speaks for Itself 

Our customers rely on our construction planning software to improve efficiency and outcomes. But don’t take our word for it. Check out what they’re saying.  


Team Hoylu 

We are grateful for a fantastic team who made 2022 a successful year for Hoylu and our customers! 


Now Everything is Simple 

Hoylu users unlock the power of whiteboard-based collaboration with our visual and iterative approach for better planning. Teams get a clear picture of their work so they can simplify complex projects. Our solutions are meeting an untapped market in the Construction Industry and Agile Planning. 

We’re excited to help you simplify your complex projects in 2023. You can see more about our product enhancements on our YouTube channel. And, our blogs and webinars explore topics and products that help you take the complexity out of complex projects.  

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