Complex Projects Simplified

White Clay
Planning Together

Plan in Context

Combine free-form whiteboarding and brainstorming with project modules that support Kanban, Scrum, Agile, and other frameworks.

Save Time

Save Time & Travel

Remote collaboration has evolved to give us full transparency and control over our projects without ever having to book a meeting room.

Target Communication

Make Every Meeting Count

Inspire everyone to fully participate and share honest feedback and ideas in team meetings with engaging presentation and collaboration tools.

Integrate with your Current Tools

Drag and drop Jira tickets and Agility (VersionOne) issues onto the Hoylu online whiteboard to visualize, plan, manage, and collaborate on every part of your project. All changes automatically sync with your issue tracking system.

Edit Documents

Add Word, Excel, and Powerpoint Portals so that you and your team can brainstorm and collaborate on all of your relevant documents.

Share Files

Import images, documents, videos, and links to create a comprehensive collaboration hub.

Interactive Embeds

Paste in Interactive Embeds for tools such as Invision and Google Maps to navigate external resources within your project’s Workspace.

Video Conference

Turn your whiteboard into a meeting. Start a video conference with Hoylu’s with Webex integration.

Cursor 3D

The Dashboard

Organize your projects and presentations in Hoylu’s Visual Collaboration Workspaces. Organize those Workspaces with your Dashboard.

The Workspace

An infinite canvas of connected online whiteboards. With over 55,000 pages per workspace, all your teams can work in one place.

The Toolbox

All the tools you need in one place. The Toolbox is easy and logical. Every special Use Case has its own specialized toolset for its module. You get exactly what you need and nothing more.

Specialized Modules for Traditional Projects

Use Hoylu’s Pull Planning Module to manage and coordinate projects in one Workspace with the objective to minimize waste of materials, time, and effort in order to generate the maximum amount of value and transparency.

A PI Planning session determines the overall mission, vision, and plan for an AGILE Release Train. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) empowers organizations to drive faster time-to-market as well as increase productivity and employee engagement.

Do you still have conference rooms with sticky notes all over and whiteboards? Equip your organization with a tool that translates the whiteboard experience or online sticky note planning to a digital shared format that can be accessed remotely and shared with unlimited users. 

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