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Connected Workspaces brings your workforce together in real-time to achieve more!

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Is your team struggling to work effectively?

Is your team in multiple locations?
Can you bring your work with you?
Do you need to make your meetings more productive?

Are you struggling to keep your project materials together?
Do you have too many specialized tools?
Are you tired of hard to use enterprise tools?

Get started with Hoylu

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Create Workspace

Get started with your first Connected Workspaces. See for yourself how easy it is to create plans, import photos, review presentations, and so much more!

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Share With Others

Invite others to join your Connected Workspaces to really unlock the power and see how much more effective you can be in accomplishing your goals.

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Achieve More

The flexibility of Connected Workspaces reduces the time spent trying to find where you left off. The possibilities are endless to simplify your work.

Connected Workspaces

A nearly infinite canvas where your team works together – everything from creative unstructured notes and sketches to well-defined project plans and design reviews.

With Connected Workspaces your information stays with everyone who has access to the workspace and can be accessed securely from any device, at any time.

This allows for quicker decision making, solution identification, and a more productive connected work environment.

Finally, a solution that is easy to use that connects people and their ideas around the world.

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Save Time & Money

Bring your workforce together in real time with Connected Workspaces, a common tool for teams to share all types of work and make better decisions together.

Reduce travel and improve productivity with an effective way to share.

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Improve Communication

Remove barriers and make communication simple, seamless, and hassle-free with Connected Workspaces. Put the focus on producing the best shared work.

Bring your workforce together in real time to connect people and their ideas.

Simplify Workflows

A nearly infinite canvas allows work of all formats (images, presentations, sketches, etc.) to be placed in one contextual, secure Connected Workspaces.

Reduce time spent “finding” project materials, instead produce more.


Bring your team together like never before!

The innovative HoyluWall allows you abundant space to solve your toughest problems, create detailed plans, or compare all your latest designs side by side.

Through the power of Connected Workspaces™, HoyluWall connects everyone together so those not in the same room can be equally engaged on any device including laptops, tablets, smartphones or even other HoyluWalls for maximum productivity. Teams save on travel expenses once they begin to utilize Connected Workspaces™.

HoyluWalls can span up to almost 30 feet (8 meters) giving you the ability to see all your critical information at once to make faster decisions.

HoyluWall transforms your work environment and improves engagement.

Contact us today for more information.


Latest Case Study

Hoylu runs everywhere you do – including Macs, iPads and iPhones!

Hoylu Connected Workspaces™ run on any web-enabled device for easy access including Macs, iPads, and iPhones. Easily access Sketch and Flow from any web browser: sketch.hoylu.com flow.hoylu.com Connected Workspaces™ on the web has the same features as the native apps for an equally great experience. Everyday, teams access the same Connected Workspaces™ using HoyluWalls and work in real-time with others teams joining from any device they choose. Hoylu runs everywhere you do for an open, flexible work environment. Work together on any laptop, tablet, smartphone or large display with Connected Workspaces™. We have even added more features for non-touch displays …