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We just made your remote worklife a lot easier.

Hoylu helps you connect your team and their ideas whenever, wherever!

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Connecting Teams Remotely

Teamwork doesn’t have to end with your video call or meeting!

You can always come back to or add to your workspace after your collaborative session ends. We securely store your project for you and your team to refer back to anytime and anywhere.

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The Workspace

An infinite canvas of connected online whiteboard. With over 55,000 pages per workspace, all your teams can work in one place.

The Toolbox

All the tools you need in one place. The Toolbox is easy and logical. Every special Use Case has its own specialized toolset for its module. You get exactly what you need and nothing more.


Build out your workspace in seconds with Hoylu’s drag-and-drop Template Tool. 

Or, import your own templates to start working your way! 


Modules are specialized Hoylu Workspaces that have built-in business logic to facilitate particular processes. Modules have structured, dynamic layouts with tool-sets specific to the process at hand.

Pull Planning, PI Planning, and Kanban Modules

The Dashboard

Organize your projects and presentations in Hoylu’s Visual Collaboration Workspaces. Organize those Workspaces with your Dashboard.

Meet HoyluWall™

A fully-integrated interactive wall collaboration and computing solution that is designed for group working environments.

Use Hoylu on Any Device, Anywhere.

Hoylu is available for PC, Mac, iOS, Microsoft Teams, and any web-enabled device.

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About Us

From it’s start as a research project at the Univeristy of Applied Sciences in Austria, Hoylu has transformed into an innovative software solution that helps users across many industries.

Our belief is that a communication tool needs to be intuitive and easy to use across multi-disciplinary and dispersed teams. We offer a common platform to create, organize, and share information and content in realtime or review later, as a group, or as an individual.

Stein Revelsby - Founder and CEO of Hoylu


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per user / monthly

  • Suitable for individuals


$ 8
per user / monthly

  • Suitable for small teams


$ 25
per user / monthly

  • Suitable for large corporations

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