Webex Embedded App

Hoylu is now available as an embedded app for your Webex spaces! 

Go Beyond Screensharing

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Document Editing

Add Word, Excel, and Powerpoint Portals so that you and your team can brainstorm and collaborate on all of your relevant documents.
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Interactive Embeds

Paste in Interactive Embeds for tools such as Invision and Google Maps to navigate external resources within your project’s Workspace.

File Sharing

Import images, documents, videos, and links to create a comprehensive collaboration hub.

Adding Hoylu to Webex

1. “+Apps” > Hoylu

Go to your space, then click “+Apps” and then search for and choose “Hoylu”

2. Add to Tab

After logging in, you can now add Hoylu as a tab in your space.

3. Use Hoylu in your Meetings

You can now invite others to a meeting and share the embedded Hoylu app with your collaborators!

Make Every Meeting Count

Inspire everyone to fully participate and share honest feedback and ideas in team meetings with engaging presentation and collaboration tools.

Plan in Context

Combine free-form whiteboarding and brainstorming with project modules that support Kanban, Scrum, Agile, and other frameworks.


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