Hoylu for Remote Meeting

Whether you’re meeting remotely or in a large conference room, Hoylu provides you with a centralized Workspace to stay focused, on task, and engaged.

Weekly Meeting

Add topics, goals, and material you’d want to discuss with your team

Brainstorming Session

Drag and drop sticky notes to your heart’s content.


Get anonymous feedback from your team.


Host a structured event with breakout sessions.

Turn on Your Camera

Use your videoconferencing software with Hoylu as another tool to improve engagement. 

Turning on your camera strengthens communication with the expression of non-verbal cues.

Cisco Webex
Microsoft Teams
Hoylu Workspace Storyboarding

Build an Interactive Collaboration Space

A Hoylu Workspace is made up of over 55,000 interactive canvases. A Hoylu Workspace is completely free-form yet, easy to structure. 

Build out layouts effortlessly with drag & drop templates such as Agendas, Check-In activities, Retrospectives and Icebreakers.

Adding Hoylu to Microsoft Teams

Hoylu is one of the many trusted apps to use with your Microsoft Teams sessions.

Add Hoylu as a Teams App or simply pin a Hoylu Workspace to your team’s tabs. Keep all your messages, files, and visual collaboration all in one spot.


In an ideal world, everyone would feel comfortable and confident in sharing their opinion. Unfortunately, there might not even be enough time to fully discuss everyone’s thoughts. This is why “going to a vote” is so popular.

To vote in Hoylu, simply drag & drop emojis onto a sticky note

Workspace Timer

Workspace Timer

Time is money – we don’t want to waste it. Setting a Workspace Timer helps your team complete engagement activities without going over budget.

Navigate to the Overview mode of a Workspace to start a timer.

Breakout Sessions

With over 55,000 pages in a Hoylu Workspace, multiple teams can host collaboration sessions in one Workspace.

Teams can also break out into external Workspaces in order to keep information secure.

Links to external Workspaces are added to images and sticky notes.