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In today’s workplace, staying competitive requires investments in software that improves collaboration and performance. But driving the adoption of those tools is not an easy task.  

In a report on digital adoption by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, only 30% of executives said they thought their organization was very good at it. At the same time, nearly 75% said they believed successful adoption is a competitive differentiator.  

How can companies tackle this problem? Here at Hoylu, product adoption is a priority. Consider the following three tips for your company that we employ as we develop our solutions: 


1. Invest in a Tool That’s Easy to Use

Digital adoption often involves a steep learning curve and psychological hurdles. Look for a tool that is easy to use and easy to setup. Insist on a simple interface so your team can intuitively navigate the platform from any location.  


2. Get Your Team On Board

Make sure your employees have skin in the game. This makes the process more democratic, engaging a broader set of users, and making it easier to scale collaboration across the organization. Visibility in the selection process creates buy-in. This increases the engagement and accountability of project team members.  


3. Offer the Right Support

Customer onboarding, product walkthroughs, and in-app support create the best user experience. Make sure your investment comes with ample support from a seasoned Customer Success Team and plenty of product training. Here at Hoylu, we recently invested in a platform called Pendo. Our Workspaces now feature in-app messaging displaying how-to guides, product updates, and tips. Because it displays messages while the customer is actively using the product, in-app messages have a higher response rate than push notifications or email messages. 

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