The Benefits of Using Online Sticky Notes

Sticky notes have served us for many years. Anytime we needed to jot something down to remember for later, we could grab a sticky note and place it somewhere prominent. However, we have advanced since the introduction of sticky notes, so it only makes sense that sticky notes have advanced as well. Online sticky notes provide a reliable alternative to regular sticky notes. They have an array of benefits for anyone in a workspace to enhance their productivity and see definitive results. 

See Your Notes Anywhere

Paper sticky notes are great–until you put one in a place you swear you’ll remember and promptly forget it. Even worse is when sticky notes get lost or misplaced. The beauty of online sticky notes is that they travel with you wherever you go. You don’t have to cart your sticky notes from your desk to the conference room for your next meeting. Simply by bringing your laptop or tablet, you’re able to access the same information regardless of where you are. This is also excellent for people who are working from home. Leaving sticky notes at the office with pertinent information that you need at home can be frustrating, but with online sticky notes, you keep them with you. This means that if you update them from your home office, you’ll have that update at your shared workspace.

Keep Everything Organized

It has happened to many of us. We write something down on a sticky note and place it on our desk. That one sticky note becomes five then becomes a dozen. Suddenly, our desk is flooded by notes and we no longer know where any one piece of information is or which notes are outdated. That is where online sticky notes excel. With online sticky notes, you are able to keep everything organized as it should be. You can create categories to structure your sticky notes or create clouds of sticky notes. Whatever makes sense to you, you can create with online sticky notes. The only limit is your imagination. 

Customize Your Notes

Your notes should make sense to you. This can mean many things. If you need your notes to be color-coded in order for you to remember what they mean, then you should have the ability to do that. If there is a particular font that makes more sense to your eyes when you read it, you should be able to use that font. If you need your notes to be large in order to catch your attention, then you should be able to make them the size that you require. That is where online sticky notes shine. With online sticky notes, you can customize them to exactly match what you prefer. If there is an image or file or even a to-do list associated with your sticky note, you can attach those so that all your information stays together.

Use Notes for Brainstorming

Do you have a team that works at a distance from one another? Teams that aren’t located in the same place often require technologies that bring them together, such as online whiteboards. Online sticky notes can be used for these meeting spaces so that you can share notes and generate plans. You can even use these notes to create presentations and unify information from the rest of your team. Others can bring their sticky notes in as well, and you can compile your notes to collaborate with your team and keep a record of them in a way that allows for anyone on your team to access it.

A Tool With Online Sticky Notes That Works

Hoylu is an online whiteboard made for teams of all sizes and locations to collaborate. With Hoylu, you have a versatile piece of technology that allows you to connect with your team and brainstorm ideas from a variety of whiteboard templates. Our online sticky notes help you stay organized, customize your notes, keep your notes with you wherever you go, all while keeping everyone else on your team informed. If you are interested in seeing what Hoylu can do and whether it would serve your team, feel free to take a look at our demo or contact us for more information.

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