March 2024 Product Release

We are excited to announce the March release of Hoylu with significant updates and new features designed to enhance your planning and project management experience. Here’s what’s new:

  • Constraints (NEW)
  • Insights Panel Additions
  • Weekly Work Plans: Print Custom Pages
  • Core UX Improvements


A new element, “Constraints“, has been introduced to help you manage project limitations more effectively. This feature allows you to assign constraints to a team or a specific person, link them to external resources, and add descriptions.

(See article: Constraints )

  • Assignees: Constraints can be assigned to teams or specific individuals, enhancing accountability and task management.
  • Functionality:
    • Ability to add titles, descriptions, and links to external resources for detailed constraint documentation.
    • Automatic generation of constraint creation dates to ensure chronological accuracy and realistic planning.
    • Warning notifications for required dates that fall outside the planned project range.
  • Dynamic Date Management:
    • Teams assigned with constraints can set promise dates, facilitating better communication and deadline management.
  • Outcome and Resolution Tracking: Options to set resolve dates and provide outcome notes for comprehensive constraint management and future reporting.
  • Planned: Constraint Logs (Coming Soon)

Image 1: Screenshot of a Constraint with open fields for editing

Image 2: Screenshot of a Constraint with a user selecting “Accept Promised Date”

Insight Panel Improvements

The insights panel now offers enhanced filtering and display capabilities, including assignee filters in charts and the weekly work plan, as well as milestone inclusion with additional filter options.

  • Updated Filter Section: Redesigned for easier access, enhancing the user experience in generating reports and insights.
  • Expanded Filter Options: Inclusion of assignees in charts and the weekly work plan as filter options, allowing for more granular analysis.
  • Milestone Integration: Milestones are now included in the weekly work plan with additional filtering capabilities, improving project visibility and tracking.

Image: Screenshot of the Insights Panel featuring the new filters

Customizable Weekly Work Plan Printouts

Responding to user requests, we’ve added the ability to customize weekly work plan printouts with color legends, logos, or floor plans. This feature allows any page within the Hoylu workspace to be included in the weekly work plan PDF, offering greater flexibility in how work plans are presented and shared.

  • Enhanced Customization: Users can now include any page from the Hoylu workspace in the weekly work plan PDF from the Overview Mode, offering greater flexibility in reporting and presentation.
  • Inclusion Options: Ability to add color legends, logos, or floor plans to printouts, catering to diverse user needs and preferences.

    (See: Setting a Home Page and Bookmarks)

Image: Screenshot of a Workspace in Overview mode featuring the new option to add a page to a Weekly Work Plan export

Core Functionality Enhancements

  • Shapes and Text Positioning: Improvements to the vertical positioning of text on shapes for better visual alignment and smaller shape options for detailed annotations.
  • Default Color Palette Customization: Users can now change the default color palette for Hoylu elements via the control center, allowing for personalized and distinct visual project management.
  • New Milestone State: Introduction of a “Missed” milestone state to accurately reflect project progress and challenges.
  • Enhanced Milestone Creation: Users can now quickly create new milestones with a double-click on the Workspace canvas while the Milestone tool is selected, streamlining the planning process.
  • Improved Milestone Indicators: Updates to the visual representation of milestones on timelines for clearer project overview and tracking.

    (See: Task Progress Tracking)

Looking Ahead

Stay tuned for more updates in our next release, and as always, please reach out to our customer success teams for support or to share your feature requests. Thank you for being a part of the Hoylu community!

 – The Hoylu Product Team

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