April 2024 Product Release

Our April release introduces significant updates and new features across four key areas: Constraints, Assignee visibility, Admin Tools, and Table enhancements. These enhancements are designed to improve workflow efficiency, provide more control to administrators, and offer better visibility into task assignments. Here’s what’s new:

  • Constraints & Constraint Log
  • Assignee Visibility Improvements
  • Admin Locks on Elements and Tools
  • Table Improvements

Constraints & Constraint Log

  • Functional Improvements: Users can now add constraints with a double-click, streamlining the constraint application process.
  • Weekly Work Plan Integration: Constraints are now included in the weekly work plan, allowing for comprehensive planning and visibility.
  • Dedicated Constraint Log with Enhanced Filtering: A dedicated constraint log features improved formatting and filtering options, providing a clear overview of constraints within the workspace. This log captures all constraints, including those not directly included in the plan, and allows filtering by various criteria such as team or individual assignee.
  • Visual Enhancements: Introduced updated icons for milestones, constraints, and tasks in the toolbar to aid in quick identification and differentiation.

Assignee Visibility Improvements

  • Label Display: Assignees can now be displayed as labels on tasks, milestones, and constraints, making it easier to identify responsible parties at a glance.
  • Inclusion in Weekly Work Plan Printouts: Assignee labels now can be included in the weekly work plan printouts, ensuring that assignment information is accessible in both digital and printed formats.

Admin Locks on Elements and Tools

  • Element Locking
    • Improved Lock UI: Enhanced the lock UI to appear next to the cursor for more intuitive use, facilitating the process of locking elements within the workspace.
    • Admin Lock Feature: Administrators can now apply an admin lock to specific elements, restricting their movement or alteration to admin-level users only. This feature ensures essential elements remain in their designated locations.
  • Toolbar
    • Selective Tool Access: Admins have the ability to selectively enable or disable access to tasks, milestones, and constraints, allowing for a customized workspace that matches team needs.
    • Admin-Specific Tools: Some tools can be designated as admin-only, reducing workspace complexity for general users and ensuring certain functionalities are reserved for administrators.

Table Improvements

  • Enhanced Data Entry & Navigation: Users can now navigate between cells using keyboard shortcuts and enter text more seamlessly, with the ability to use Enter or Tab to move to the next cell. This update aims to streamline the process of entering and managing data within tables.
  • Table performance has significantly increased: Especially noticeable when your Workspace contains tables with a large amount of cells.

Looking Ahead

Stay tuned for more updates in our next release, and as always, please reach out to our customer success teams for support or to share your feature requests. Thank you for being a part of the Hoylu community!

 – The Hoylu Product Team

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