What's the Right Combination of Construction Software for Success?

As the saying goes, you need the right tools for the job to succeed. And one of those tools increasingly being used in the construction industry is software.  

Just like a dump truck makes perfect partners with an excavator, the right combination of software solutions can be more effective. Here’s a list of construction software that you can consider perfect partners for planning, scheduling, and management. 

Perfect Partners for Construction
Planning, Scheduling & Project Management

Primavera P6 | Construction Scheduling Software

  • Great for scheduling and resource management 
  • Secures multiuser access to schedules 
  • Allows project managers to coordinate costs 

Procore | Construction Project Management Software

  • Great for document management and communication 
  • Features include project dashboards, bidding, drawing, timecards, and scheduling 
  • Made specifically for the construction industry  

MS Project | General Scheduling Software

  • Not construction-specific but easy to create schedules, project plans, manage resources and keep track of time 
  • Features include Gantt charts, Kanban boards and project calendars for project management professionals 

Hoylu for Construction | Construction Planning Software

  • Built for construction planning to support general construction planning, Lean, LPS®, Pull Planning, and more 
  • Provides real-time reporting of PPC, crew size, WWP, and more  
  • Simple interface and smart sticky notes to digitize the big room experience 
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