Ways to Sync Planning & Execution to Ensure Project Success

Online collaboration tools come in many shapes and sizes to fit different needs. They make it simple and easy for teams to complete a wide range of projects. Ensuring project success, however, relies on syncing planning and execution, which is where the right collaboration tool comes in.  

Planning tools enable your team to create a detailed course of action. You’ll identify the materials and resources required to complete the project. Planning outlines what to do, coupled with a proposal or strategy for getting it done.  

Project planning software “enables project stakeholders to define and execute tasks required to successfully complete a project, and plan and visualize project execution strategies on connected timelines.” [Note: There’s also scheduling software, which helps teams decide when something will be done and allocate the time. Businesses use scheduling software to put the project in an operating timetable.] 

Eliminate Discrepancies  

Collaboration tools can unite planning and execution. The right tool gives project managers a unified view every task in the context of the work that was done. Teams are always aware of the most recent progress, eliminating most misalignments. And all work gets done in one central place, eliminating discrepancies. 

Project planning and execution call for:  

  • Logical Resource Management: Tracking resources such as labor, time, or money, and distributing them among various tasks and subtasks
  • Detailed Visualization: Outlining tasks, deliverables, deadlines, and milestone
  • Efficient Task Management: Creating and managing tasks
  • Highly Collaboration Tools: Providing channels for team members to share media files, communicate, and work together on tasks and projects
  • Effective Progress Tracking: Tracking completion of individual tasks as well as overall projects 

The right planning software can increase the visibility of teams, enhance collaboration, and keep processes lean and simplified. Teams can provide updates instantly so project managers can identify issues, follow up, and pivot faster. 

The tool you work with should offer secure, flexible tracking, customization, workflows, and automated reminders. Every task and asset related to your project should be visible to your team, managers, stakeholders, and executive sponsors.  

There are many planning collaboration tools available but, to be successful, they must help you achieve alignment, better productivity, and stay on track. Our focus at Hoylu is to create the ideal collaborative digital workspace to simplify complicated projects planning. Our easy-to-use, cloud-based, project management and whiteboarding tool allows distributed teams to visualize, plan, and execute on projects. Contact us today to learn more about our collaborative planning tools.  


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