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Go beyond screen-sharing. Hoylu is an online white-boarding tool for teams of any size to work together in real-time within Webex by Cisco. Everyone can contribute their ideas and provide feedback with drag-and-drop visual annotation tools.

Jira Integration

Import Jira tickets into the Hoylu collaborative whiteboard to visualize, plan, manage, and share sprints, product roadmaps, backlogs, and other projects.

Hide/Show Grid

You now have the option to toggle the visibility of the grid system on and off. Change these settings via the Options Menu at the top right!

What's New?

October 1st – Pull Planning Updates
October 1st – Jira Server Integration
October 1st – User Experience Updates and Improvements

August 6th – WebEx Integration

June 10 – Jira Integration Launch
June 10 – Pull Planning Tasks can now span multiple weeks

May 12 – Toggle Grid On/Off
May 12 – Touch functionality improvements
May 12 – Pull Planning bug fixes
May 12 – Kanban bug fixes

April 30 – Shapes
April 30 – Text Connections
April 30 – Performance Updates

March 17 – Rich Text
March 17 – Localization (German)
March 17 – Live Portals (Invision)
March 17 – New Templates

March 3 – Live Portals
March 3 – Pull Planning Swimlanes & Task Management Updates
March 3 – Templates Update

Feb 10 – Playable Videos
Feb 10 – Improved Text Editing
Feb 10 – Enhanced Sticky Notes
Feb 10 – Context Menu Redesign
Feb 10 – Pull Planning Performance
Feb 10 – Offline Mode Performance

Nov 29 – Links can now be added to Sticky Notes
Nov 29 – Pull Planning Update
Nov 29 – Performance Updates