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Unveiling Our September Product Release

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest updates coming your way the second week of September. At Hoylu, we’re constantly working to enhance your digital planning and collaboration experience, and this release is no exception. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store:

Workspace Templates

New Tools & Shortcuts


1. Workspace Templates: We’re simplifying your journey by relying solely on templates for our “Create Workspace” section on the dashboard. This change means we can swiftly update and provide more meaningful starting points, especially for new Hoylu Plan Users. Say goodbye to the old, fixed workspaces!

2. New Tools & Shortcuts: Get ready for an improved toolset! We’ve made minor tweaks and added tons of new shortcuts that will streamline your interactions. Whether you’re tweaking the context menu, navigating, or want to speed up common actions, these enhancements will make your Hoylu experience even smoother.  

3. Tables: We’re also thrilled to introduce tables to our layouts, which makes Hoylu an even more robust online whiteboard. These tables enhance specialized workflows and complement our advanced board and plan layouts, giving you more flexibility in your digital planning and collaboration endeavors.


Create a Project

Create a Project

Create a Project

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