Tower Exercise Template

The Tower Exercise is a hands-on learning activity used in construction and project management training to teach the principles of pull planning, where participants collaboratively build a tower by sequencing tasks in reverse order to emphasize efficient workflow and coordination.


  • Discuss Dependencies: This will help participants understand the importance of task sequencing and collaboration.
  • Build the Tower: The construction should proceed from the last task (completion) to the first task (foundation).
  • Observe and Discuss: While the groups are working, observe their progress and discuss the challenges and benefits of pull planning. Ask questions to facilitate a debrief, such as:
    • Did you encounter any bottlenecks or delays in your construction process?
    • How did identifying task dependencies help or hinder your progress?
    • What did you learn about the importance of communication and collaboration?


This Tower Exercise is an effective way to engage participants in a hands-on learning experience that demonstrates the principles of pull planning in construction projects. It helps participants grasp the importance of proper task sequencing, communication, and collaboration to streamline project workflows.

Created by:

Ryan Kelly

Ryan Kelly

Customer Success | Hoylu

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