Retrospective Board Template

A Retrospective is a visual tool used in Agile project management to facilitate team discussions and reflections on recent project iterations, enabling the identification of successes and areas for improvement.

  • Set Up the Board: Create columns or sections representing key retrospective stages, such as “What Went Well,” “What Could Be Improved,” and “Action Items.”

  • Gather the Team: Invite the project team to a retrospective meeting, ensuring participation from all relevant members.

  • Generate Insights: During the meeting, have team members write down their observations and thoughts on sticky notes, placing them in the appropriate columns.

  • Discuss Findings: Review and discuss the notes as a team, encouraging open and honest conversations about successes and challenges.

  • Identify Action Items: Based on the discussions, collaboratively define actionable items to address issues and build on successes, placing these in a designated column.

  • Assign Responsibilities: Allocate responsibilities for each action item to ensure accountability for improvements in the next iteration.

  • Track Progress: Use the Kanban board to monitor the progress of action items in subsequent retrospectives, assessing whether improvements have been made.

  • Continuously Improve: Use the insights gained from retrospectives to make iterative improvements in project processes and team dynamics.

Created by:

Lauren Leven

Lauren Leven

Workspace Designer | Hoylu

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