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Streamline your Program Increment (PI) planning process with our all-in-one template designed to enhance collaboration, alignment, and transparency across your Agile teams. This template encompasses key elements, including:

  1. Agenda: A structured agenda to guide your PI planning session, ensuring all important aspects are covered efficiently.

  2. PI Objectives: Clearly define and communicate your Program Increment objectives to ensure that everyone understands the overarching goals.

  3. Risk & Roam: Identify potential risks and uncertainties, providing teams with a platform to discuss and mitigate them, ensuring a smoother PI execution.

  4. Program Board: Visualize the progress of features, user stories, and tasks across teams, fostering a shared understanding of the work in progress and dependencies.

  5. Fist of Five: Use this voting technique to gauge team consensus on various matters, helping to make quicker and more informed decisions during PI planning.

  6. Retrospective: Reflect on the previous PI’s successes and areas for improvement, enabling continuous enhancement of the planning process.

  7. Scrum of Scrums: Coordinate and align activities among different Scrum teams to address inter-team dependencies and ensure effective cross-team collaboration.

  8. Team Objective Boards: Enable teams to set and communicate their specific objectives for the upcoming Program Increment, ensuring that every team member is aligned with the broader goals.

This comprehensive PI Planning Template is a valuable resource for Agile organizations looking to streamline their planning process, foster collaboration, and achieve successful Program Increments. It provides a one-stop solution for all your PI planning needs, enhancing efficiency and clarity in your Agile development efforts.

Created by:

Ashley Siao

Ashley Siao

Customer Success | Hoylu

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