A Kanban is a visual project management and workflow tool that uses cards or visual cues to represent tasks, helping teams manage and optimize their work processes by visualizing work items and their flow through various stages.

  • Visualize Work: Start by representing your work items as cards or visual cues on a Kanban board.
  • Set Workflow Stages: Define the various stages or columns on the Kanban board that work items will move through.
  • Limit Work in Progress (WIP): Implement WIP limits for each stage to maintain workflow balance and prevent overloading.
  • Prioritize and Pull Tasks: Assign priority to work items and pull them into the first stage when team capacity allows.
  • Monitor Flow: Continuously track the progress of work items as they move through the stages.
  • Daily Stand-ups: Use daily stand-up meetings to discuss the status of work and make adjustments to the board as needed.
  • Identify Bottlenecks: Visualize and address bottlenecks or issues that slow down the flow of work.
  • Regularly Review and Improve: Hold regular review meetings to discuss cycle times and process improvements.

Created by:

Lauren Leven

Lauren Leven

Workspace Designer | Hoylu

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