A “Fist of Five” board is a visual feedback tool commonly used in group discussions, decision-making processes, and team assessments. It’s a simple way to gauge and express agreement or disagreement within a team.

Here’s a breakdown of its key elements:

  1. Voting Method: In a “Fist of Five” board, team members cast their votes using their hand, with the number of fingers they show representing their level of agreement or support for a particular proposal, idea, or statement.

  2. Five Levels of Agreement: The board typically represents five levels of agreement:

    • One Finger (1): Complete disagreement or strong objection.
    • Two Fingers (2): Minimal agreement, with significant reservations.
    • Three Fingers (3): Partial agreement but with some concerns.
    • Four Fingers (4): Moderate agreement with only minor reservations.
    • Five Fingers (5): Strong agreement with minimal concerns.
  3. Consensus Building: The “Fist of Five” method encourages open and honest communication within the team. It can help identify areas of disagreement and facilitate discussions to address concerns and reach a consensus.

  4. Anonymous Voting: It can be conducted anonymously, allowing team members to express their views without fear of judgment or peer pressure.

  5. Facilitator’s Role: A facilitator often leads the process, ensuring that everyone votes simultaneously and explaining the meaning of each finger count. The facilitator can also facilitate discussions to resolve disagreements.

  6. Transparent Results: The board provides a visual representation of the team’s collective sentiment, making it easier to see if there’s broad agreement or if there are important reservations that need to be addressed.

  7. Iterative Decision-Making: Teams can use the “Fist of Five” board iteratively, adjusting their votes after discussions and revisions. This helps in refining ideas and proposals until a higher level of consensus is reached.

  8. Efficient Feedback: It’s a quick and effective way to gather feedback and assess the level of support for a particular course of action, idea, or proposal.

A “Fist of Five” board is a valuable tool for teams to quickly gauge agreement, promote constructive discussions, and arrive at decisions that consider the collective opinion and reservations of team members, ultimately leading to more informed and well-accepted choices.

Created by:

Lauren Leven

Lauren Leven

Workspace Designer | Hoylu

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