Online whiteboards haven't kept up with project complexity

Hoylu has features Miro & Mural lack

Online whiteboards like Miro and Mural are great solutions to help you collaborate, strategize, and align. But they fall short when it comes to complex construction planning.

Hoylu solves this.

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Specialized features

Miro, Mural, and Hoylu offer a range of features for digital whiteboarding. But only Hoylu combines online whiteboarding with a robust tool for all phases of design, planning, task management, and execution.

Hoylu is cloud-based software that surpasses dated online whiteboards.

Better functionality

Hoylu is simple yet powerful, providing you all the tools you need for complex construction planning. You can easily build your schedule, create tasks, and map dependencies. The process is manual and time-consuming in Mural and Miro.

That’s why Hoylu simplifies complex projects.

Saves you time

Our dynamic reporting saves time and streamlines the entire planning process. You’ll know your Percent Plan Complete. You’ll be able to manage crew sizes with ease. And access Variance Reports and Weekly Work Plans. You won’t find any of these features in Mural or Miro.  

Hoylu is the right software solution for the construction industry.


"Adopting Hoylu on our project has enabled us to manage our site and schedule more effectively. We were pleased with it's ease of use and how quickly our subtrades were able to get on board with it. The Hoylu team has been very responsive with our needs and is always available to support our team. After using Hoylu, I don't see how we could ever go back to using sticky notes again."
Benjamin Quintin


"I used to be a big user of sticky notes. I thought they kept me organized but in reality, it became a big mess with them all over my desk. Now I can have all of them digitized nicely organized on various boards depending on what project I'm working on."
User in Marketing and Advertising


"Hoylu has been a helpful tool for us in bringing together our trades to spark crucial coordination discussions. The platform allows for all field foreman and their office staff to come to one to one common area with all trades to work through challenges on a daily basis."
Nathan St. Clair
W•E• O'Neil

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A simple yet powerful solution


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Real-time reporting of the data you need: PPC, crew size, WWP & more