Meeting Fatigue

Let’s Reinvigorate Meetings

In meetings, more than often you see your colleagues daydreaming or browsing. With Hoylu, meetings will never be boring for you and for your colleagues!

So why not work to innovate the usually one-hour meetings to a more enjoyable one? Following the status-quo is not capturing most employees’ minds, so instead break the barrier of the usual agenda. With Hoylu, meetings will never be boring for you and for your colleagues.

Offering different software including Hoylu Connected Workspaces that offers Sketch, Flow and Paper will make your meeting a memorable and engaging one. Hoylu is greatly known for its software system that has changed the game. From sharing freely to doodling your work outline this software intertwines everybody’s input and puts it into one file that’s sharable. This software will reinvigorate meetings to a whole new level that will transform your meetings to more of a feel of an event.

Importance of Meetings

So why do we even have meetings? The importance of meetings is to retouch on any topics that might need to be resolved, developing ideas, or just a great way to update your colleagues on what’s going on with the company. The usual one-hour meetings consist of unproductive people or people who do not find the meeting intriguing and valuable to their time. This creates inconsistency between colleagues and the information that is being given. Why not break this mold with software that’ll create engagement and will help your colleagues retain the information?


Hoylu software creates many great experiences during meetings by making sharing and collaborating easier throughout. This will solve the problem of endless sticky notes and the risk of losing valuable information through paper. With Hoylu Connected Workspaces™ it helps your meetings have the type of involvement that will strengthen your relationship with your team. For the people who prefer analog pen and paper we have a solution, you’ll be able to distribute Hoylu Paper where everyone in the meeting has the chance to contribute. Presentations can be done directly in your Hoylu Workspace which allows for your audience to engage and even participate with guest sign on access. They will be fully involved during the meeting, brainstorming different ideas with other colleagues that will bring the team closer and create an environment of innovation and teamwork. Your workspace is also be sharable to other colleagues who might not be present for the meeting and once the meeting is over, you’re able to share it and still continue your work. 9 out of 10 people admit to day-dreaming during meetings so why not give them a way to stay engaged using Hoylu.

Mind-blowing meetings

Make your meetings not just a one-sided presentation but an innovative engaging event. Presenting used to be easy to capture the audience during your session, but now with technology burn out, mobile technology distractions, among other things it is so much more difficult to get and keep an audience engaged. Our minds are molding to our past times, with social media being a huge impact on people’s attention span, it has decreased from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. This is just one second short of the attention span of the average fish. This says a lot about how we process information and how we view it. Meetings these days cannot be the average PowerPoint with standard images and animations. Hoylu increases their attention span. It puts them in the meeting and deters them from any boredom or distractions.

With the innovation of Hoylu Paper, which gives everyone the opportunity to sketch and make notes in real time throughout the meeting, this fills the opportunity for your co-workers to be fully invested in the subject that being presented. Hoylu Paper’s advantage is due to the ability to actually participate without the hectic and limited amount of space at the front of the screen. Allowing user participation to this level without leaving their seat will leave everyone feeling more satisfied and like a part of the team.


80% of Americans felt that they were more pressured by their job to be productive rather than creative at work. Make your meetings less stressful in a way that will have those creative juices flowing. Focusing on de-stressing a meeting in ways that will encourage more creativity within your workers that will result in an increase in brainstorming new ideas and increase engagement. Most of us use the left side of the brain, however, Hoylu will enable you to use both which will create an environment for an abundant amount of innovative ideas for your company to be created and expanded upon. Creativity is an essential part of many businesses that will help your colleagues come up with solutions to your problems.

Our focus at Hoylu is to create the ideal collaborative environment for your team to work to the best of their ability. Within a workspace you can work with your team and give feedback in real-time. One of the ideals of Hoylu is for our software to be easy to learn and easy to use no matter what your skill level with technology.

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