Jira Whiteboard Integration
for Hoylu

Bug and issue tracking systems like Jira make whiteboarding way too tedious. Hoylu is here to help.

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Hoylu gives you a much better way to visualize and collaborate on your agile projects in Jira.

Import Jira tickets into the Hoylu collaborative whiteboard to visualize, plan, manage, and share sprints, product roadmaps, backlogs, and other projects.

Align & Focus on Your Customers

With Hoylu, every stakeholder can contribute to and have full visibility into product development.

No Jira access is required. Get the whole company to align and focus on your customers by sharing your Agile projects across every department.

Let’s say you need to plan a sprint. You create a scrum workspace in Hoylu. There you can structure it and upload mockups, sketches, and other relevant documents.

Import Directly From Jira

Instead of logging into Jira, you simply import tickets directly in to your Hoylu online whiteboard.

You can drag and drop individual tickets or import in bulk.

You can also filter by project type, status, or a custom criteria. For example,  you can import only high priority tickets created in the last two weeks.

Automatically Sync With Jira

Once your tickets are on the whiteboard, you can organize them and prep for a planning session.

Assign points to tickets, map out dependencies, and decide how to allocate tickets between iterations.

Hoylu automatically syncs every change with Jira and keeps ticket history up to date.