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Getting Started

with Hoylu

From creative brainstorming to streamlined project management, Hoylu paves the way for a cohesive and effective collaboration experience. Here are some quick tips.

Getting Started

Workspace Options

Edit Workspace Info, Import, Export, Share and Search the Workspace, as well as access the Hoylu Control Center.


Gain quick access to your Workspace’s Home Page, and access Bookmarks you’ve defined allowing for streamlined navigation.

Overview Mode

View your Workspace in a highlevel mode to manipulate pages, boards, and backgrounds as well as define Bookmarks.


Take charge of your collaborative
sessions by initiating Presenter
Mode. This unites all collaborators under your Workspace view.


Choose to reveal collaborator
Cursors for insight into ongoing
work, or opt to hide them, ensuring an anonymous work environment.


Set a timer in your Workspace to keep your activities on track with visual cues to let your team know it’s time to move on.

Drawing Straight Lines

Create perfectly straight lines with colors, sizes, dash types, and arrow heads for drawings and diagrams.


Import images, documents, links,
and Portals into your Workspace to build a dynamic collaboration hub

Color & Opacity

Enjoy the freedom to tailor Pen
Strokes, Notes, Shapes, and
Connections to your liking. Modify aspects like color, stroke style, and opacity for a personalized touch.

Discover Hoylu’s
Dynamic Toolbar

Hoylu’s dynamic toolbar will transform your team’s collaboration. With an intuitive design, you can easily access all your productivity tools.

Lock to Background

Safeguard your design integrity by locking images, text, or documents to the Workspace background. This prevents accidental movements or selections.

Adding Links

Enhance your content with external information by effortlessly adding links to images, notes, shapes, text, or tasks.

Editing Text

Text edits are a breeze. Whether
it’s a text box or sticky note, simply click to edit. Remember, you can break lines with “shift+enter.”


Clicking on an element opens up a world of manipulation possibilities. Explore transformation tools and property edits such as fill colors and outlines.


Via the Asset Panel, you are equipped with an Emoji Library for voting, commenting, and promoting engagement.

Sharing a Workspace

Share your Workspace seamlessly with your team via email or Workspace URL. Customize permission settings to align with your unique processes.