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Stockholm, Sweden –– June 28, 2021 — Hoylu, a leader in visual collaboration solutions for distributed teams, introduces a seamless way to collaborate on and visualize any Agile project. Most product development teams use some form of Agile to manage how they plan and execute projects. However, as we shift away from in-person work it’s become a lot harder to visualize sprints, product roadmaps, backlogs, and other Agile work streams. Product owners spend hours going through lists of tickets in issue tracking systems like Jira and VersionOne to map out dependencies and prioritize deliverables. Scrum teams can spend days figuring out project scope and locking down commitments.

With today’s release, Hoylu empowers hybrid and distributed Agile teams to gain in-person levels of engagement and collaboration. Agile teams can bring back transparency by seamlessly importing tickets from issue tracking systems into Hoylu’s collaborative whiteboards to visualize, plan, manage, and share sprints, product roadmaps, backlogs, and other projects. Organizations can drive collaboration by leveraging Hoylu Agile project management modules to engage every stakeholder in PI planning, dependency mapping, confidence votes, capacity planning, and other agile ceremonies. Leaders can reinvigorate company culture by empowering every stakeholder to fully participate and get up to speed by bringing all relevant context such as sketches, mockups, or other documents into the Hoylu Agile boards. Currently, Hoylu integrates with Atlassian’s Jira Software, while support for VersionOne and Azure DevOps is expected later this year.

“As a long-time product leader I’m all to used to spending hours poring over dev tickets in spreadsheets, writing up sticky notes, running sprint planning meetings, and then going back into the spreadsheets to update point values and due dates,” said Travis Beaven, chief product officer of Hoylu. “Being able to drag and drop or bulk import tickets from Jira directly into Hoylu and keep both systems in sync is going to make sprint planning as well as all aspects of Agile project management so much easier! I’m really excited about this release!”

“Our mission is to create technology to power the future of work,” said Stein Revelsby, Hoylu’s founder and CEO. “As we enter the work-from-anywhere world, system-of-record technologies are no longer enough. When distributed teams are the norm, businesses can no longer rely on spontaneous collaboration where people would just huddle around a whiteboard and work out the details of a particular task. This means that whether we are talking about issue tracking (e.g. Jira, VersionOne, MS Azure), customer relationship management (e.g. Salesforce, MS Dynamics), or enterprise resource planning (e.g. Oracle, SAP), businesses need a collaboration and visualization layer on top of these systems in order to maximize the potential of their teams. That is exactly what we’ve built. Today we released the visualisation and collaboration layer for Jira, and it’s another step toward empowering distributed teams to plan, run, and collaborate on projects, programs, or initiatives from anywhere, live or asynchronously, with any system of record.”

For more information, please contact: 
Stein Revelsby, CEO at Hoylu +1 213 440 2499 Email: sr@hoylu.com 
Karl Wiersholm, CFO at Hoylu +1 425 829 2316 Email: kw@hoylu.com 

About Hoylu 
Hoylu’s visual collaboration technology empowers distributed teams to translate ideas into actions. Large enterprises as well as small and medium companies rely on Hoylu to run projects, programs, and initiatives across time zones and continents as seamlessly as when working in the same room.

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