Hoylu Announces Digital Collaboration Workspace Upgrades for Remote Teams


Hoylu creates faster Connected Workspaces™ processing speeds, adds new features, customizations, and offline mode to maximize remote team productivity

Stockholm, Sweden, March 3, 2021 — Hoylu, a leader in visual collaboration solutions for distributed teams, announced upgrades to its Connected Workspaces™, online whiteboard platform, delivering lightning-fast processing speeds along with new features, customization and capabilities to enhance agile workflow, refine user convenience and advance team collaboration, communication and productivity.

With this release, Hoylu introduces interactive Application portals: the ability to embed fully functional experiences from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and many other Office365 services within the Workspace. The Portals can also play live video from YouTube, show interactive Google Maps and much more. This allows users to keep all of their work within their Workspace, creating quicker and more powerful collaboration capabilities than ever before.

Hoylu’s Connected Workspaces™ also operate faster allowing teams to seamlessly input large data files and navigate the platform with ease. With Offline Mode, users can stay connected to their project and incorporate updates in areas with less bandwidth.

“Hoylu’s newly upgraded Connected Workspaces™ further maximize the remote team’s potential for collaboration and ultimately creates greater efficiency and productivity,” said Stein Revelsby, Founder and CEO of Hoylu. “Remote work is on the rise and here to stay for many businesses. As we adapt to these changing times, we require more powerful solutions to meet our project needs. We are delighted to release the next version of Hoylu’s Connected Workspaces™ to empower our clients and transform digital workflows.”

Hoylu’s Connected Workspaces™ upgrade includes:

  • Hoylu’s Connected Workspaces™ are operating at lightning-fast speed to accelerate information processing, nimble workflow, collaborative team work and efficient project results.
  • Hoylu’s Connected Workspaces™ can now embed Live Portals to other applications and services, providing fully-functional experiences into the workspace. Applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and many other Office365 experiences can run within the Hoylu Connected Workspaces™.
  • Hoylu provides access to Google experiences like Google Maps and YouTube, allowing users to offer videos and live maps within the Workspace.
  • Hoylu’s Sticky Notes provide new capability to show web previews as well as customization features to help teams collaborate and communicate more effectively.
  • Users can fully edit text box sizing, positioning and shape.
  • Hoylu Pull Planning provides additional capabilities including swimlane and full task management support.
  • New performance updates and Offline Mode for improved connectivity.
  • Full support for all platforms, including Native Windows, Native Mac and browser-based access.

Check out Hoylu’s new Online Whiteboard for more features.

Hoylu’s virtual Connected Workspaces™ is an online digital whiteboard platform that transforms the workspace using rules and functions that precisely fit the workflow or process. Hoylu’s Connected Workspaces™ are affordable and easy to use for the whole team. Team projects are kept in the same Workspace as drawings, pictures and additional project information for more efficient communication and streamlined workflows, The Workspace can be shared with anyone, on any device, anywhere and is saved automatically. Additionally, Hoylu can be leveraged with Zoom or any video-conferencing solution. Hoylu is integrated with MSFT Teams and available for Mac in Apple’s App store. 

For more information, please contact:
Stein Revelsby, CEO at Hoylu +1 213 440 2499 Email: sr@hoylu.com
Karl Wiersholm, CFO at Hoylu +1 425 829 2316 Email: kw@hoylu.com

About Hoylu
Hoylu’s mission is to make remote work and information sharing easy. Hoylu’s Connected Workspaces™ help enterprise clients manage activities, visualize work and motivate people to perform their best by avoiding miscommunication and secure success.  For more information: www.hoylu.com 

Test Hoylu for free: https://www.hoylu.com/signup/

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