How & Why to Make the Digital Shift to Adaptive Workspaces

When you’re managing projects and programs, the goal is always the same: Finish on time, on budget, and within scope. 

This used to be easier when the world wasn’t so complex. But today, almost every project involves juggling more dependencies — different departments, time zones, deadlines, budgets, team members, etc.  

Unfortunately, the solutions we rely on to help manage projects haven’t kept up. Online whiteboards are fun to brainstorm on but don’t offer robust project management capabilities. Paper sticky notes are hard to track and can blow away. And being quick to plan and iterate is hindered by travel restrictions and delays.  

How: Change the Mindset 

The work we now do calls for digital collaboration tools that improve engagement and increase outcomes — but they have to be easy-to-use. How do we get there? Well, it starts with a mindset shift.  

Analog processes are steeped in company history. You’ll often hear: “This is how we’ve always done it. It works. Why change?” Making the digital shift relies on teams changing the way they approach business problems and where they look to find solutions.  

There will be growing pains along the way. Teams may worry about being digitally transformed out of their jobs, so it’s important to highlight the value of the process or technology you’re adopting.  

The bottom line — make it a cultural shift.  

Why: Benefits are Greater 

If teams don’t embrace digital shift, specifically software adoption, organizations can risk up to half of their potential annual revenue by 2023. 

When it comes to SaaS offerings, online whiteboards have been a great solution to increase collaboration, but Adaptive Workspaces can help simplify complex project management. These workspaces feature project management Modules such as Pull Planning for Construction or PI Planning for Agile.  

Other benefits include: 

  • Engagement & Collaboration: Collaboration is critical to any workspace. It encourages growth and promotes employee engagement, which is almost impossible to do when a meeting is done over video. With an Adaptive Workspace, all attendees can be engaged in the discussion and interact with the information while it’s being presented. 
  • Accessibility & Easy-to-Use Technology: Adaptive Workspaces ensure that all employees, regardless of device, can join in and participate. Participants don’t have to be on a computer to be a part of the meetings. Employees can access the tool from their tablet or phone and are not limited to being in one space to participate. 
  • Fits All Learning Styles: Having an Adaptive Workspace allows the presenter to display information in various formats to accommodate most learning styles. During a meeting, the presenter can allow attendees to edit the workspace, be on the same page, and ask questions when needed. An Adaptive Workspace allows attendees to make notes in the workspace in real-time to reference later. 

Navigating the Switch 

At the end of the day, it’s only the teams who can navigate — and thrive — this new complexity. But teams can’t be expected to do it on their own. They need a place where they can come together and create, build, and finish whatever the world throws at them. 

Hoylu’s Adaptive Workspaces open a new way for teams to plan, build and engage — so they get the impact they want no matter the industry, department or time. 

Whatever your management or planning style, Hoylu fits the way you structure your team and integrates all the productivity tools you’re already using. So, you easily plan and complete any project. 

When it comes to the work itself, Holyu gives your team the freedom to drag and drop anything from documents to presentations, and even video conferences. Anyone can easily share and embed live files for the entire team to work on — all from anywhere, on any device. 

We’re helping hundreds of companies simplify their complex projects. When a global group of energy and petrochemical companies felt limited when it came to digital facilitation and tools, they turned to us. In 8 weeks, they increased quality and efficiency by 25%. Cadence meetings were reduced in length and engagement grew across the entire team. 

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