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How to Manage Effective Meetings with Hoylu

Having meeting troubles within your multi-location company? Here are some tips to make your meetings more effective with Hoylu.

Here are some tips to make your meetings more effective with the Hoylu Connected Workspaces™.


Have a slide ready for attendance! We simply put the date at the top and encourage everyone to write their name here and drop a fun emoji or meme for the day. It gives us something to do during the “let’s wait just a few more minutes for everyone to log on” frustration. It also eliminates the need for the dreaded roll call of waiting for people to unmute and hopefully re-mute themselves after someone says each employees name, also having to remember which Jennifer goes by Jen or Jennifer for the sake of roll call.


Having our agenda in the Workspace allows anyone to view it at any time, it also allows someone to propose a topic add. Not only does it keep the meeting head on track as far as what needs to be covered, it gives employees time to prepare if they know they are directly related to a topic being covered. This is also a great place to add that impressive stat you just read about so you don’t forget the actual number, rather than fumbling for your notes only to end up making something up because you can’t find it.

Importing Documents for Use and listing links

Making use of the Workspace prior to the meeting starting to upload that PowerPoint you just want to run through, or the PDF you were considering e-mailing everyone. You can choose to have the documents simply as a piece for people to review on their own time or go over it during the meeting.

At Hoylu we also like to do a roundup of our weekly social media highlights. This is a great way to encourage your team to engage on social media and see what people are talking about. We love to screenshot our tweets and share photos from our installs.

Q&A Space

Every company has their incessant question asker right!? We strive to keep our weekly meeting 30 minutes flat, to aid in this we encourage questions to be dropped on our Q&A page to be answered at the end or by whomever when the call is over. This is always a great resource because:

  1. Curbs your incessant questioner (which is a value add in itself).
  2. Gives everyone a place to write a question, so they don’t forget it!
  3. Can be semi-anonymous, so you don’t have to be the one to bring “that” up.
  4. Leaves questions till the end that may be answered for you during the course of the meeting, thus assisting in less tangents.

Post-meeting Minutes

We at Hoylu try to curb the need for unnecessary documents floating around, after our notetaker combines their thoughts instead of sending out the “meeting summary” it’s posted in our workspace along with all the previous weeks for easy reference. Tip: If you upload it as a PDF no one can edit!

Action Items

Normally during these meetings the collaborative environment will spark an idea, which is then offhandedly assigned to whomever sometimes never to be heard about again. To overcome this common occurrence, we have a place to “action items”. These are for the great idea you tell Jen (not to be confused with Jennifer from accounting) to e-mail you about so you don’t forget. This way we don’t have confusion about who it was assigned to or forgetting to send that e-mail.


Hoylu values collaboration and opinions of our employees so we do a lot of in workspace polling (we vote on lunch options a lot within sketch).

Here at Hoylu we love to make lives easier and provide a forum for each person to feel their opinion is valued and listened to. Working on a shared Workspace makes each person feel like a stakeholder and not just a fly on the wall. We encourage our users to use their Workspace not only for large collaboration projects, but a place to share information even basic things.

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