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How Do You Collaborate Effectively if Your Team is Remote?

Working remotely has its benefits, and many teams see more efficiency when their members can work flexibly. However, there is always room for improvement. Here are several ways that teams can collaborate more effectively when remote work is necessary. 

Utilize Technology

Technology is fundamental for any team that is not physically present in an office. Technology can bridge the barriers to keep a team connected and on the same page as a project progresses. A good team leader will establish which software or platforms a team will use before they go remote. There should be ways for the team to contact each other as well as their team leaders and their clients. 

With your technology suite, you should be able to attend video conferences whenever they are necessary. There are a number of different video calling programs available and each has its own advantage and disadvantage. 

You should also be able to provide your team with a cloud where everyone can access whatever resources they need to collaborate on their projects. This is especially important for remote teams because cloud-based software can be accessed anywhere so updates to documents can be made in real-time.

Finally, you should have collaborative software that allows teams to work on a project together even if they are not able to meet in person. An online whiteboard, such as Hoylu, can be an excellent tool for keeping collaborative teams connected.

Focus on the Results

Working from home has a unique set of challenges for each employee. Because of this, it makes sense that the expectations should shift away from how much time is spent on a project to whether or not the project is completed effectively. Focusing on the results of each task is going to much more fruitful to you as a manager, and it will make more sense to your team. 

It’s also important to note that each member of your team is going to work from home differently. Many may find it more productive to get their work done early while others may work more effectively later in the day. Being inflexible about the hours that your team can work can be counterproductive to your team’s efficiency, and it can cause unnecessary stress for team members.

To find a middle ground, it is best to establish core hours. These hours can be consistent each day or each week, and they will be the hours that your entire team needs to be available for meetings and other collaborative practices. Outside of these hours, you should allow your team to build their own schedule to maximize their own productivity. 

Make Meetings Count

Meetings often eat at people’s time to be focused on their work. As such, meetings should always be planned so that team members can get the information they need and then proceed to the rest of their day. 

Before a meeting, you will want to set an agency for the meeting and be firm about sticking to it. To this end, you can share the agenda with your team so they know what to expect and stay on topic. Agendas should include the timeframe of the meeting as well as what the goal of the meeting is. If you are covering multiple topics, be sure to include a list of those topics. 

Another way to keep meetings as efficient as possible is to make them consistent. Weekly, monthly, or even quarterly meetings will help to regulate time and deadlines for your team. It will also help you to track the progress of projects and set objectives for the future.

The Online Whiteboard That Makes a Difference

Hoylu is an online whiteboard with a plethora of tools to increase the efficiency and creativity of any team. Whether your team is apart or in the same space, you’ll have the capacity to collaborate and keep track of your brainstorming sessions. With themes for specific types of collaboration, you’ll be able to customize your workspace to suit your team’s needs. Are you ready to see what Hoylu can do for you? Sign up for free to see what our online whiteboard has to offer or schedule a demo all on our website.

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