Focus on Continuous Improvement at Lean Construction in the Field Conference

Construction companies have searched for methods, philosophies, and tools to produce better outcomes. Lean processes can minimize waste and improve results.  

The Lean Construction Blog recently hosted a virtual conference showcasing some of the best practices of applying Lean Construction in the Field. The conference provided attendees with ways to implement Lean practices so they can improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of their projects. 

Hoylu was proud to be a sponsor of the conference. Below are a few of our takeaways. 


Integrated WWP Safety, Quality & Rework Tracking: How to Keep WWP More Than Just a Piece of Paper to be Pushed Around 

The Weekly Work Plan (WWP) can be more than just a paper to rubber stamp every week. Project teams from Flintco, a U.S.-based construction company, shared how they improved the planning process by integrating safety and quality into the WWP.  

They reviewed: 

What is a WWP: 

  • Establishes the plan for the coming period 
  • Drives the production process 
  • Developed by selecting, sequencing, and sizing the work a company knows can be done 

The most-detailed plan in the Last Planer System®, WWP make reliable commitments for the work that your crew will do. But forming these can come with challenges. The presenters asked the audience to provide examples, which are outlined below: 


The Flitco presenters encouraged the audience to act as one team on projects. Reference the WWP often by conducting daily huddles, holding weekly coordination meetings, ensuring QC, prioritizing safety, and holding internal staff meetings.  


Effective Communication: How to Improve Communication on a Jobsite 

In this session Andrew McLaughlin of Turner Construction discussed how to generate flow in your jobsite communication while reaching the front-line workers daily. He asked:  

 What are the challenges to effective communication on the jobsite?  

  • Personnel: Frequently changes  
  • Environment: Jobsites can be loud, spread out, dynamic 
  • Engagement: Lack of buy-in on policies, procedures, meetings, etc.  
  • Agreement: Understanding who needs to know what and who can answer the questions 
  • Certainty: Lack of predictability in meetings & agendas 

To overcome this, McLaughlin outlined the ideal structure of communication on a job using LPS: 

  • Identify habitual meetings and attendees 
  • Organize the meetings for typical week 
  • Maintain disciple with routine  

 Scheduling Example: 


How does this structure help make communication better? 

  • If personnel changes, the routine will be stable and easy to learn 
  • Because the routine is standardized, you can also standardize other things like location of the meeting 
  • Be sure to standardize the agenda and include one-offs 
  • Weekly cadence can be a part of procurement, so trades know the expectation and buy-in early 
  • Standardizing the meetings makes it easy to know when someone is not in attendance (such as, the foreman in a huddle) 
  • The meetings establish a “rhythm” on the site that becomes predictable  


Demo: Simplify Digital Pull Planning  

Creating an engaging digital work environment for your team doesn’t have to be a daunting effort. The right project management tool can increase efficiency by reducing risk, error, wasted time, and materials. While increasing visibility of teams, enhancing collaboration and keeping processes lean and simplified with the most straightforward tools to help achieve greater success on a regular basis. 

Construction planning software is an excellent tool for any team. It creates opportunities for growth and engagement. However, it can be difficult for companies to make the switch to digital when they do not have the proper tools. 

Hoylu’s Zach Hurvitz and Jonathan Lee reviewed the benefits of Hoylu for Construction. Hoylu is an easy-to-use, cloud-based, construction project management and whiteboarding tool that enables distributed teams to visualize projects. It can help with Lean, LPS, Pull Planning, and other construction management processes.  For more information, contact us for a demo 

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