Features to Look for in Your Digital Pull Planning Tool

We know that construction projects are becoming increasingly complex with a higher degree of specialization. This results in a bigger project organization with an increased need for information exchange that collaboration tools foster.

The right project management tool can increase efficiency by reducing risk, error, wasted time, and materials. While increasing visibility of teams, enhancing collaboration and keeping processes lean and simplified with the most straightforward tools to help achieve greater success on a regular basis.

Digital Pull Planning is an excellent tool for any team. It creates opportunities for growth and engagement. However, it can be difficult for companies to make the switch to digital when they do not have the proper tools.

Here are a few features to look for as you make your investment: 

Tasks Properties
A task features allows users to populate tasks ahead of time to accelerate the Pull Planning session with easy drag-and-drop functionality.
Milestones can be identified and defined with an easily recognizable shape or color.
Variances Reasons
Delays and incomplete tasks can be tracked and explained. For example, marking the day’s task with “weather” will document the blocker and duplicate the task to be planned for another day.
Dependencies can be defined by connecting tasks across the plan. This allows the team to better understand the workflow and logistics of their plan as well as the chain-reaction effect on a plan if the weather does prohibit work for a day.
Whiteboard Area
A whiteboarding area helps you extend the project planning to include spreadsheets, branding, images, tables, CAD/architectural drawings, etc.
Reporting features keep you on track. Many give you the PPC (Percent Plan Complete), the number of tasks and crew size by swim lane, and an overview of who is on schedule, who is behind, and why.
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Pull Planning Modules & Adaptive Workspaces

Bells and whistles are great, but will your trades want to use something complicated? Consider easy-to-use software that everyone will adopt. As construction moves from analog to digital technologies, the industry can realize several benefits, including:

  • Higher levels of team collaboration, engagement & transparency
  • Timely & less wasteful project completion
  • Seamless workflow, alignment & decision power


Hoylu offers Pull Planning Modules and Adaptive Workspaces that open a new way for teams to plan, build, and track their projects. Whatever the management or planning style, our Workspaces are easy-to-use and adapt across the organization. Below you’ll find some recent enhancements to our Pull Planning software: 

Create a Project

Create a Project

Create a Project

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