Digital Construction Planning With Skanska

Pull Planning is a collaborative approach that Skanska, one of Norway’s largest project developer and contractor groups, has taken digital. Roar Fosse, Chief Advisor, Operational Excellence, Skanska, recently detailed their digital construction planning experience:

Those who will perform the job are involved in planning it. You get to utilize the great expertise in the team and solicit a number of interdisciplinary clarifications, said  Fosse.

“There are advantages and disadvantages of IP with physical notes and digital. I think physical notes provide a slightly better conversation in front of the blackboard where people dare to stand closer to the plan, touch and ravage the notes,” he said. “People talk to each other, but rather sit behind the laptop than in front of the plan. But digitally, notes can be moved more easily, mass-produced, prepared and post-production work is avoided after the session. And no writing cramp.”

The session, pictured above, took place in 4 steps:

1. Focus on bringing up your own activities
2. Request activities from others
3. Separate session on BIM deliverables (hint: it is important to plan the MMI process)
4. Joint review of the entire phase plan

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