There's a Better Whiteboard for Construction Planning

You’ve already taken the Big Room experience to the next level by going digital with your whiteboards. It gives you a place to brainstorm, strategize, and align. But is it the right solution for your needs? 

We agree online whiteboards are great solutions. (We make one!) But we know the limitations. They fall short when it comes to complex project planning. They lack the structure and organization you need in the construction industry.   

Here are 5 reasons to level up your digital whiteboard and switch to a visual collaboration solution. 


You need a tool to seamlessly connects your team — architects, contractors, sub-contractors, and vendors.


You need a solution that secures all project details in one place so your project managers can monitor, measure, and stay informed in real-time.


You need a solution that supports general construction planning, Lean processes, the Last Planner System®️, Pull Planning, Flow Charts, Kanban, and more.   


You need dynamic reporting that gives your Percent Plan Complete and printable Weekly Work Plans. A tool that allows you to set tasks, track dependencies, and manage your crew size. 


You need a tool that’s easy to use. One that you, your crew, and the management will enjoy using.  

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