5 Reasons to Use Digital Collaboration Tools in Construction


As construction companies adjust to new ways of working, the use of digital project management tools is growing. In fact, collaboration has become a priority for 43% of the highest trust construction firms, who say it’s central to how they work across projects. And they’re actively looking for tools to seamlessly connect their team — architects, contractors, sub-contractors, and vendors. 

Take, for example, a firm that oversees million-dollar airport projects. These projects are highly complex with spatial, safety, and technological requirements. Digital collaborative software can secure all project details in one place. Project managers can easily monitor, measure, and stay informed by connecting with the whole team in real-time regardless of location. 

And the right tool creates opportunities for growth and engagement. Need some more proof? 

Consider these 5 reasons to use digital collaboration tools in construction:  

1. Simplify Complex Projects

Construction projects are becoming increasingly complex with a higher degree of specialization. This results in a bigger project organization with an increased need for information exchange that collaboration tools foster. 

2. Improve Communication 

Improving communication and collaboration within your organization can lead to increased productivity, reduce the time spent on non-productive work, and enhance the overall performance of your workforce.  

3. Increase Efficiency

Digital collaboration tools are proven to increase efficiency by reducing risk, error, wasted time, and materials.  

4. Increase Engagement

Connecting remote participants ignites engagement. Users of collaboration tools are given a space to interact with their entire team or break off into individual groups in real-time. 

5. Protect Security

Collaboration tools offer custom security features to protect project plans and confidential information.  


The bottom line is that communication is key on job sites. The lack of information-sharing makes projects less efficient. Online Whiteboards are a great solution but fall short for complex project management. Hoylu offers an Adaptive Workspace, opening a new way for teams to plan, build, and track their projects. Whatever the management or planning style, Hoylu’s Workspaces are easy-to-use and adapt across the organization.  

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